About Us & Services

Take care of yourself so that you can take care of others. 

Swedish massage therapy can range from light and relaxing to deep and detoxing. Price: $55 per hour (add $10 for deep work)


Clinical Massage, or medical massage, is a therapy that focuses on treating a problem or condition. Increase range of motion, treat chronic headaches, relieve periformis syndrome/ sciatic nerve pain, increase circulation, lower blood pressure, and smooth and tone cellulite and scars. Price: $65 per hour.

Prenatal Massage helps prevent stretch marks, eases back pain, and may reduce labor time. Price: $65 per hour.


Chair Massage is great for people with a busy schedual, who just cant afford to stop for a whole hour. Buy minutes from 5- 45. Great for events and office parties. Price: $1 per minute.

Facelift massage is a safe and natural alternative to botox and surgery! I use all natural products, as they are absorbed through the skin. Rosewater, emu oil, olive oil, and sea salt. $70/hour.

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